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Connellsville Area Career & Technical Center

CACTC prepares for expansion of Heavy Equipment program

The instructors, students and staff of the Connellsville Area Career & Technical Center would like to thank the Connellsville Township Road Department and team members such as Jon Gilpin, Marvin Striner, Noah Striner and Timothy Hough Jr. for the donation of the Baw-Know PF 180 H Paver. A special thanks to Bryer Wettgen for getting in contact with Perry Wettgen from CIE Energy Services LLC who operated the tractor and lawnboy trailer to haul the paver from the Connellsville Township Road Department facility to the Connellsville Area Career & Technical Center. Through the support and partnerships of industries and businesses in our area we are able to help our heavy equipment students prepare for their future and help build the work force of tomorrow.

Noah Striner, a member and employee of the Connellsville Township Road Department said, “I got involved by telling my class and instructor about the paver that the Connellsville Township Road department had at their facility that was not being used. My instructor thought it would be an interesting and informational project or the students in the heavy equipment program.”
We asked Noah if it was hard to get the paver donated and he said, “No, it was not hard. The township was happy to help and donate to the students.” We also asked Noah what influenced him to help and volunteer and Noah said, “My teacher at the Career & Technical Center, Justin Striner, influenced me to volunteer.” He also said, “Hopefully in the next five years the heavy equipment class will have more equipment and learning opportunities."

Special thanks is also given to PK contracting for the donation of their time and resources utilized in clearing the new training site for the heavy equipment operations and preventative maintenance program. Owner and operator Paul Keslar, a Connellsville Area High School graduate and father of Chuck Keslar were instrumental in making this possible. The training site will be utilized to teach students the fundamental skills and knowledge needed in operating techniques, operator maintenance, and operator safety. Training will be provided for students on several different pieces of equipment such as skid steer loaders, backhoes, wheel loaders, excavators and dozers.

Students interested in enrolling in the Heavy Equipment program should talk to their Guidance Counselor or contact the CTC at 724-626-0236.