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Connellsville Area Career & Technical Center



Instructor: Mr. Vince Speer

Imagine a world where you couldn’t turn on a light, a computer or even use the phone. Obviously, electricity is very important to us and the Electrical Occupations course at CACTC will prepare you to work in this expanding field. Students will learn about residential, commercial, and industrial electrical planning and wiring. The Electrical Occupations course provides an intensive study of the fundamentals of direct and alternating current, resistance, magnetism, inductance and capacitance, with emphasis on practical applications. Electricity lights up our world. Illuminate your career by enrolling in the Electrical Technology lab.

Learn how to design, build, operate, and troubleshoot complex electrical systems.


Students in Electrical Occupations will:

  • Learn how to design electrical systems.
  • Work on various electrical projects throughout LCTI.
  • Learn how to build computer controlled electrical systems.
  • Work on the student built house project including main power, phone, television, and computer wiring.
  • Design and build electrical systems that allow you to control items in a house from a remote location on a cell phone.
  • Install security and fire alarm systems, including internet cameras.
  • Use your imagination to design and draw your “dream house” electrical system.

 Industry Certifications a Student may earn:

  • OSHA

 Employment Opportunities upon Completion of the Program:

  • Commercial and Industrial Equipment Repairer
  • Electrician
  • Substation Relay Repairer
  • Electrician's Helper

 Employment Opportunities with further Education and Training:

  • Electrical Contractor
  • Electrical Engineer
  • Electrical Technician
  • Plan Maintenance Supervisor
  • Construction Superintendent

 Post-Secondary Options:

To view current advanced credit opportunities articulated with post-secondary institutions, search for equivalency results at

Career Technical Student Organization Affiliated with Electrical Occupations: