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Heavy Equipment Operations » Heavy Equipment Operations

Heavy Equipment Operations

Instructor: Mr. Justin Striner

As a student in the Heavy Equipment Operations & Preventive Maintenance program at Connellsville Area CTC you can shape both the earth and your future. Students have the opportunity to learn to safely operate and maintain large pieces of equipment including backhoes, bulldozers, loaders and excavators. In addition, students learn about soils, erosion and sediment control, paving, and surveying and grading. Operate bulldozers, backhoes, rollers and other types of construction equipment.

  • Perform daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly maintenance, including oil and filter changes and lubrication
  • Survey jobsites to determine elevations
  • Use hand and power tools safely
  • Change attachements and bucket teeth
  • Check and adjust track tension
  • Load trucks
  • Dig and backfill trenches
  • Operate “virtual” bulldozers, scraper, and excavator simulators (in addition to the real machines)
  • Operate articulated haulers (off road dump trucks)

Industry Certifications a Student may earn:

  • OSHA
  • SafeLand
  • Forklift Operator
  • Flagger

 Employment Opportunities upon Completion of the Program:

  • Logging Equipment Operator
  • Compact Equipment Operator
  • Heavy Equipment Mechanics Helper
  • Highway Construction Inspector
  • Highway Construction Laborer
  • Highway Maintenance Worker
  • Large-size Equipment Operator
  • Mid-size Equipment Operator

Employment Opportunites with further Education and Training:

  • Construction Supervisor
  • Construction Business Owner
  • Heavy Equipment Technician

Post-Secondary Options:

To view current advanced credit opportunities articulated with post-secondary institutions, search for equivalency results at

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