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Instructor: Mr. Jeff Puskar

If building something that will last for generations is attractive, then Masonry is a career to consider. Students enrolled in CACTC's masonry lab will learn to layout and build structures made with brick, blocks, stone and mortar, as well as work with concrete, and tile. Students learn the different techniques for laying bricks, blocks, and stones, using the many different tools of the trade along with the safe operation of masonry power equipment. Reading blueprints and estimation of all different materials used for the masonry trade covered as well.


Masonry students will:

  • Pour concrete for the basement and garage
  • Install brick veneer
  • Install floor and shower tile
  • Install brick facing for fireplaces
  • Apply parging to foundation walls
  • Construct masonry fireplaces
  • Build arches with brick
  • Construct a stone veneer wall
  • Construct concrete block walls and corners
  • Cut bricks and blocks with the diamond blade masonry saws
  • Lay bricks and blocks with a mason’s line
  • Lay sidewalk and patio paving using a variety of masonry materials
  • Mix mortar using the power mortar mixer
  • Build scaffolding for masonry wall construction
  • Read blueprints
  • Estimate masonry materials
  • Estimate labor and material costs
  • Repair old or damaged concrete and masonry work
  • Build outdoor fireplaces and fire pits

Industry Certifications a Student may earn:

  • OSHA

Employment Opportunities upon Completion of the Program:

  • Block Mason
  • Brick Mason
  • Tile and Marble Setter

Employment Opportunities with further Education and Training:

  • Contractor
  • Construction Supervisor
  • Estimator
  • Masonry Instructor

Post-Secondary Options:

To view current advanced credit opportunities articulated with post-secondary institutions, search for equivalency results at


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